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One of my main interests is Pyrotechnics. I am licensed as an explosives manufacturer and user by both the BATF and the New York State Department of Labor. I am a member of the Pyrotechnics Guild International, the Finger Lakes Pyrotechnic Association, the Crackerjacks, and I shoot shows professionally for Young Explosives of Rochester, New York. I also try to get to the PGI convention every year.

Fireworks Safety

Absolutely the most important consideration for anyone who loves pyro is safety. It is my fervent wish that all pyro lovers in the world will live their lives to their normal span, and with all of their body parts intact. Assuring this means paying a great deal of attention to safety! If you are planning to get involved with pyro at a hands-on level, make sure you know what you are doing. There are far too many news stories of young (and older) people getting hurt while working with energetic substances. Please read up thoroughly on safety before attempting to make any pyrotechnic substances yourself, and make sure that you are operating within your local laws.


One of my favorite pyro devices is the girandola, and I will be devoting some time to creating a section of this web site dedicated to them.

Pyro Links

I try to keep this list of pyro links reasonably comprehensive, with a few exceptions. I do not list links to archives of all of the unbelievable (and dangerous) garbage such as the Jolly Roger Cookbook, The Big Book Of Mischief, etc.. These documents are filled with erroneous and extremely dangerous information. Trying to follow their instructions can leave you seriously hurt or dead!!

General sources:

Federal Regulatory Agencies Directly Effecting Pyrotechnics:

Foreign, State and Local Legal Information

Getting Legal

Fireworks Safety Tips

Some Pyro Pictures and Movies:

Information on photographing pyrotechnics:

Computer generated pyrotechnics:

A little pyro history:

Personal pyro pages:

Club home pages:

Association home pages:

Pyro Research Organization home pages:

Conventions and Symposia:

Show & Competition home pages:

Pyrotechnic Literature:

Pyrotechnic Supplies:

Fireworks Vendors (Displays and Class B):

Fireworks Vendors (Class C):

Pages that are clearly pyro related but unclassifiable:

And here are a couple of interesting, if rather silly, pages:

Pages that are hostile to fireworks:

You miss a website in this list? Use the contact form and give me a hint!

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